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Testimonials from Our Awesome Brides

Mackenzie grinning in her dress

Mackenzie Baskin

"You take charge and are good at delegating tasks to others who are there to help and may not know exactly what to do!"

When my daughter Mackenzie was planning her wedding( which happened to be right in the middle of Covid) I was in Heaven!  Not only was she marrying the perfect man, but I thoroughly enjoyed every part of wedding planning.  Mack, in Greeneville, SC, and I, in Cameron, SC, coordinated, planned, and came up with every detail of their big day, even the rescheduling of a May date after invitations were sent out and changing to a November date. We were able to incorporate all her important details while staying within her budget. This all took place with no tears, no yelling, or gnashing of teeth!  It was pure joy to coordinate this wedding BUT thank goodness we both realized we definitely needed to hand over the month of coordination so we could simply be present and enjoy every moment of the wedding!  Handing over coordination to my dear talented friend, Joycelyn Armstrong, allowed us to relax and celebrate. 



Official Photographer: Ron Tecatti