For the Basic Package we try and limit ourselves to 8 hours of work at the venue on the day of the wedding

For the Premium Package we tend to stick to about 12 hours of work at the venue

Neither of these are hard and fast rules and we will not charge extra for keeping us 5 minutes over, however an hour extra is considered an add on. 

My team varies as I bring in people as I need them depending on the size of the wedding and the amount of moving parts. You will not be responsible for paying extra for my team should I choose to bring in extra people. The price I quote you will be the price you pay.

For the Premium Package, I encourage brides to schedule their first meeting with me at least 2 months out from their wedding date. 

For the Basic Package, I recommend having a planning meeting about 2 weeks out from the date.

However I have worked with brides starting from a year before their wedding or jumped in to help on the actual day of the ceremony (Don’t do this. It stresses your mother)

We will have to follow the guidelines of the city your venue is in, as well as the venue rules if they have any. Otherwise the rules regarding social distancing, masks, and so forth are up to you. My team and I are prepared to wear masks or help enforce social distancing or not as you deem suitable for the situation.

The Premium Package does include my team and I helping coordinate the rehearsal. With the Basic Package, the rehearsal is not included in the price. We can work with you to create a custom plan if including the rehearsal is something you are interested in. While not required, having us help with the rehearsal helps with our ability to plan and coordinate your wedding to your exact specifications. 

No. I do not transport items for your wedding due to insurance purposes. 

If you get the Premium Package and choose to use some of my collection of wedding items, I will transport those and ensure they get to the venue as scheduled.

Yes! I have a list of vendors I know and have worked with personally that I trust completely to help you make your day exactly what you want it to be. I know folks in the industry from venue owners, to florists, to make-up and hair, and videographers. While I can offer recommendations, I will certainly work with whoever you pick for all of your services and you are under no obligation to work with any of the people I suggest.